Hannibal season 2 + bloody faces

Hannibal Season 1 + bloody hands


Will Graham being a panting mess  or more like…behold his sex face


Summer Hannibal Re-watch


He is the devil, Mr. Graham. He is smoke.


AU: Will and Alana met at the FBI and their love for dogs brought them together. They decided to adopt as many dogs as they could and as their pack grew so did their love for each other.
happy birthday, Cami

He kept biting his lip while he was concentrating and damned if it wasn't distracting. ❝Stop doing that or your lips will be chapped," she muttered and took the stake he was trying to carve. ❝You have the angle all wrong.❞



"My lips will be just fine," Will mumbled. He was about to continuing carving the wood in his hand when Ana took it from him. "Oh? There’s a special angle? I thought I just had to sharpen it enough to pierce skin. Didn’t know the angle would affect that."

[   Ana laughed again, shaking her head once more.

    Most of the ones that wanted her dead were ones
    she’d personally annoyed to that point. She was a
    reckless and confrontational immortal that often
    spoke without thinking first. The rest were those
    with prejudices against her kind as a vampire or
    demon or a hybrid of both. There was no winning
    and she’d long ago stopped caring about gaining
    anyone’s favor. A brow arched at him at the last
    statement, her shoulder bumped his. A purely
    childish move but so was his claim.  ]


❝ That doesn’t particularly sound as if I
    have a choice in the matter. I’m kinder
    to you than I am a lot of people. Going
    out of my way to help them isn’t a habit
    I want to make but I can’t seem to be
    able to say no to you. ❞


    “Somehow I doubt that. I think you would say no if I went up to you one day and said ‘hey Ana, can you kill this person for me? They’re pissing me off and I want them dead’. Then you’d say no, I’m sure,” Will said with a short laugh.

    While the statement was well and truly hypothetical, he certainly hoped she’d refuse to kill someone for him. But she might just take him by surprise. Or mess with him. Most likely she’d pull his leg.



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