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"Tell me, how would you do it?"

"With my hands"

what if hannibal told cheesy jokes instead of implying cannibalism?

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Doll || sassyteenhanni


"I wouldn’t worry about the motorcycle."  Hannibal assured the doll, "Far more dangerous is the road itself."

It was fairly endearing, the way Will stumbled through the World like a newborn baby deer.  Hannibal wiped the dripping rain from his face and hair and handed his helmet to Will.

"It’ll be perfectly safe," he said, ineffectually brushing drops of water off the seat before giving up and settling down onto it, "Just hold on tight to me and you’ll be fine.  I won’t go too fast."  He patted the space behind him and waited for Will to secure himself.

The rain was plastering Hannibal’s clothing to his skin now, and the chill was starting to creep into his bones.  He was grateful, inwardly, that the shop was only perhaps five minutes ride from his apartment.  He revved the engine, letting the machine roar to life against the rolling thunder overhead.  Marvelous machine.

"Now remember:" he called out over the noise, "Hold on.”

Water splashed up behind them from the road, brown and murky in the dark.  Hannibal could feel the solid porcelain of Will’s arms tight around his waist.  Little more than five minutes, as he knew it would be, the red-brick of the apartment building peered from between the surrounding high-rises.

"Home, sweet home."  He murmured as the engine rumbled and hummed to a pause in his usual place.

The helmet was a peculiar thing to Will and it took him a moment to realize that it was to go on his head. He didn’t think it would do much in the way of helping him but he wasn’t about to argue with Hannibal. As for the bike, it still worried him and the ground even more so. How easy it would be to fall off of it.

The ride to the apartment was terrifying, to say the least. Terrifying to Will. Everything passed by so quickly and the bike was so fast that if he was able to feel sick, he would have while riding on the back of that bike. Will tried not to focus on that and tried to focus on Hannibal and the rain and how nice it was to finally be free of that shop. He was free.

Will felt much safer once the bike was stopped and he let out a breath of relief. Strange that a doll should breathe and while it was true that Will did not breathe before, it was a learned thing from watching people and it became an unconscious habit of his. He had picked up many behaviors from watching the people that had come in and out of the shop.

"This is where you live? It looks nice," Will said. "Can we go inside now?" He was back to his eager self and wanted to see what the inside of Hannibal’s home looked like. Will wanted to know and see and explore so many things but even he knew he’d have to take it slowly. Hannibal’s apartment was a nice little starting point, he supposed.

You Have the Soul of a Beast || Will & Char (AU)


Char couldn’t help but laugh. “Either you really don’t get the god magic thing or you really want to see me undress. Either way, why not?” He can’t help but give Will a hard time, simply because he had never been able to tease anyone like this before. Not in this century, at least. He stood and stretched, feeling human joint pop and crack and he let out a heavy sigh of contentment.

"Oh, that’s good. Let’s get going then."

"No, I just want you in new clothes," Will said as he placed the rest of the dishes in the sink. They would be cleaned later, there was no rush for that right now. Before they left, Will grabbed his bag, jacket, and keys and led Char out to the car.

"I have plenty of books in my office that you can entertain yourself with while I’m teaching classes. Just so you know." And with that, Will pulled out of the driveway and made his way to a clothing store where Char would be able to get new clothes. God magic or not, the man was going to be getting clothes.


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Stay away from Hannibal Lecter.

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